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Students will learn about stage presence, public speaking, delivery and methods of acting. Additional acting instructors will visit children periodically. 


Students will learn how to move their bodies to music, as a group and individually with poise and balance.

Additional dance instructors will visit children periodically.

Students will learn basic music skills which incorporate tone, range, harmony. In some sessions a song writing instructor will assist the children compose music to their own material.

         Added Features:

 Triple T will incorporate Story      Boarding, Lyrical composition,  technical skills, lighting and sound  tutorials to aid in the artistic  development of all areas of stage    and cinematography.

         Mental Health in Mind.

 Triple T also offers a meditation  pre/post class exercise to ingrain  learned material and help focus  the student. Skills they will  transfer to all areas of their lives.

Early Stage classes run during the school year and at summer camps. Writing is incorporated in the planning for the final performance. Triple T is intended as a non-competitive learning forum to teach skills in each of the three disciplines of Acting, Dancing & Singing and Media Arts.

Summer Day Camps Available Weekly 
Starting July 3, 2017


September 1st, 2017

AGES 6 & UP.

$150 per child.
7 session Course
1.5 hours after school.

Tax receipts available.

Subject to GST  

Registered Trade Mark.*